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Our Mission

To provide direction, leadership and support for High School aviation programs throughout The USA.

Be The Best You Can Be!

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Full high School Aviation Curriculum for:

Freshmen; Intro to Aerospace.

Sophomore; Aviation 1.

Junior; Aviation 2.

Senior; ProPilot 1.


Project Based Learning (PBL) programs, integrating core subjects and the Career and Technical Education (CTE) to enhance educational opportunities for students.


Entrepreneurship and networking opportunities, building relationships with business partners in the aviation industry and outside.

Costs in aviation training can be mitigated through sponsorship and assistance from private organizations.

We'll show you how.


Ongoing support, 24/7. Starting a High School Aviation Program is quite a daunting proposition. We here at HSAA have been through all the teething and tantrum stages to now lead successful and growing High School Aviation programs throughout the USA.

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Without HSAA we would have had to close the Aviation Program at our school.

TN High School  Aviation Teacher

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