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Serving High School Aviation Throughout This Great Land.

Formed in 2017 by High School Aviation Teachers and Aviation Professionals as a result of the need for expert assistance and direction in High School Aviation. The High School Aviation Association is a non-profit organization with the sole intent to enhance the student's exposure to, primarily the aviation industry and post education career goals generally. We offer help and advice on funding, Scholarships, forming relationships with business partners, within the aviation and support industries, as well as charitable organizations who are set up to assist young people in aviation.

We will be using different platforms  using STEM , so conforming to all State Standards and educational frameworks. Our curriculum is used in, and approved by the Tennessee department of Education and is also aligned to State Universities with a dual credit program.

One project example in the program, which can be integrated into the syllabus or separate as a lab, is the Van's RV-12 aircraft build. This is facilitated by Aviation Nation Inc and is being implemented in high schools throughout the country. 

 AviationNation, Inc exists to help mentor today's youth into well-rounded, creative, motivated and skilled young adults, through the discipline of aircraft building.

The program is a “hybrid” program, mostly school-sponsored and supervised, with some activities outside the auspices of the school system. Areas like flight training, certain field trips, and hands-on aviation business training are better served using aviation professionals and the guidance of AN, Inc. AviationNation is therefore the "lab" to the academics of the HSAA.

AN, Inc was founded in 2015 and is a second-generation program, springing from lessons learned from Eagle's Nest Projects, a program began in 2010. Both were founded by the same person. AN, Inc uses the popular Van's RV-12 E-LSA kit and provides extensive assistance in its construction.

AviationNation provides the focus and direction often lacking in aviation education. together with the High School Aviation Association curriculum, you totally immerse the student into the aviation community, and produce students choosing aviation as a career.